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London Film and Comic Con 2012!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 20, 2012, 5:16 PM
  • Watching: Supernatural Season 1/ Grimm
  • Playing: Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D
  • Drinking: Summer Fruits spring water

My 3rd year of attending LFCC! Definitely seeing an increase of people each time. Despite staying at my bf's house in London we still managed to have over an hour bus ride to the venue and our time-keeping wasn't very good so we were quite late both days ^^' Ah well. It meant I could go out for dinner with friends rather than having to head straight home at least. I had issues with Willow's sleeves so they weren't finished which really bugged me but people still recognised and liked the costume and I'm hoping to sort out the problem before AmeCon so I can do a night shoot.

~Saturday 7th July~
Willow Rosenberg (Vampire)- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

:bulletblack: Yay for mini Buffy group! Sean :iconsjbonnar: was my vampire Xander and Freddie :iconfrederica-la-noir: my Wishverse Buffy =D Sadly Sean had to spent a lot of the time at the Cosplay area as he was a judge for the masquerade but once he was done we finally got to eat (packed lunch ftw) and get some photos taken by the lovely Chloe :iconcelphotography: I also got some shots with Paul Jacques too who I wasn't expecting to see at the event.

Sarah, myself & Freddie looking serious. Taken by Paul

:bulletblack:  Was really glad I had time to catch up with friends inlcuding Freddie, Sarah :iconyoujeen:, Chloe, Rob :iconrobert-lee-gardner:, Becky :iconwhitewolfos: and Matt :iconleadmill: I also got to meet Paul :iconpaulelder: the "Resident Artist" of REUK.

Me & Freddie struggled to keep a straight face during most of our shoot

:bulletblack:  I got to meet Anthony Head! He signed my copy of The Watcher's Guide and I was also lucky to be able to get a photo of him over his table as sometimes they don't allow it. Freddie joined the photo too, a crew member took a shot on my camera and Becky took a lovely close-up on hers which I shall share once she sends it to me =) I was really pleased that he recognised my cosplay too ^-^

:bulletblack: After the event a group of us went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Pricey but nommy. It was nice to chill out with everyone but I felt a bit awkward in my costume as everyone else got changed in their hotel, I must of looked like a stereotypical Goth lol! Ended up getting back to Sean's between 11 and midnight and we still had to have baths and prep for the next day. Sleepy couple.

~Sunday 8th July~
Alice- Resident Evil

:bulletred:  Alice has seen a few events now, nothing new on the costume but I did dirty myself up a bit and used some fake blood too. Another mini group today with Chloe as Rain Ocampo and Rob as Matt Addison, it was great to be able to get photos with other characters from the first film =)

Chloe & me. Oh so sexy

:bulletred: Sean wasn't judging today so got more time with him as well as the rest of the gang from the day before. Freddie and Sarah didn't attend today but Joe and Rich :iconsquallwolfheart: did! Also it was Matt's birthday so hope he had a good day!

:bulletred: Almost got a photo with Iain Glen (plays Dr Issacs in the Resi films) but sadly he was leaving his signing booth once me and Becky had got up the courage to go over. She did manage to speak to him beforehand though and tell him how much she loved his portrayal of Ser Jorah in Game of Thrones. Bless.

:bulletred: Started looking around the stalls towards the end of the day but same as Expo we ran out of time to see everything. Maybe a good thing because I'm skint ^^'

Over the weekend I also saw~
Charlotte :iconstreet-angel:, Lozzie, Vicky :iconpegsicle:, Mika :iconfuriephoenix:, Nert-face :iconnert:, Anais :iconragemoreroberts:, Rebecca :iconbeckit:, Marie :iconmazzy-elf: and Colzy :iconcolzy-chan:
Was sad I missed Harriett :iconmangagirl232: though =(


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